Plaid tidings I bring

plaid ava g

Just about everyone goes plaid mad when the weather turns cooler, whether you reach for a high-end swanky coat…

plaid ingrid

or a downmarket bomber..

plaid mm bomber

or snuggle into a vintage dressing gown…

plaid jeanette robe

Or perhaps your taste runs more to plaid plus-fours?

plaid ali

Whatever your plaid madness, maybe you wonder whether there’s a tartan for your Star Style type?

plaid garbo

I’m here to tell you, there is!

plaid puppy

And some of your favorite Hollywood types have been garbed in this bonnie pattern on-screen and off for decades!

plaid bette

Here’s a plaid primer for any Star Style type–including YOURS!

plaid veronicaBouncy bonnie beauties

plaid bacall and daughter

Schooldays plaids are the staff of life for our Lively Girls-Next-Door.

plaid deanna

There’s a whiff of chalk and a hint of lunchboxes about this type of plaid.

plaid shirley

plaid bacall GNDSymmetry and simplicity set the pace for this youthful type.

plaid june haver

Classic Scotch tartans suit this type best.

plaid jeanne c GND

All-American freshness and farm-bred wholesomeness are the hallmarks here.

plaid deb

If it makes you smile when you don it, you’ve got it right.

plaid deb 2

Remember, though, there shouldn’t be any confusion about your being a girl..

plaid rita hayworth

You should refrain from looking like you’ve gotten caught in the rain and had to borrow something from a ranch hand.

plaid irene

Life, after all, is seldom a Hallmark movie.

plaid vera-ellen

High class lassies

Plaid LY

Classically Ladylike women bring a cultured, slightly ironic feel to plaid garments.

plaid esther pan am

While the plaids might be standard issue…there’s always a restraint and elegance about them….

plaid grace

plaid jeannette flowers…the fabrics are of the finest (think Pendleton)…
plaid LY 30s

The silhouettes are demure, allowing that high-end fabric to whisper its exclusive origin…

Claudette Colbert Leaving Home in Plaid Coat

plaid liz ladyAnd always, always an emphasis on the waistline.

plaid jeanette car

And perhaps the gleam of some real jewelry.

plaid viv

Ladylike plaid coats frame the face with ultra-feminine collars to draw attention to milady’s elegantly fresh, delicately made-up complexion.

plaid jeanette rufflesSophisticated Scotties

plaid kate topSophisticated Ingénues revel in plaids but only when they are slightly “warped” or outsized…

plaid rita red

or have been treated to an off-beat color treatment.

plaid loy tam

Or cut in slightly outlandish ways.

plaid audrey suitThe overarching principle with these gals is to seek out the trendy and eye-catching..

plaid natalie….nothing predictable or standard issue.

plaid audrey tattersalPlaid is often an accent, rather than an over-all pattern.
plaid loy cutie

Plaid gloves? Yes, please.

plaid claudette gloves

How do you make your plain-ol’ plaid shirt look sophisticated? Take a tip from Audrey! Don’t button it, wrap it!

plaid audreyCharming checks in

plaid lombard

Naturally Charming gals adore plaid…

plaid greer

…almost more than any other Star Style.

plaid stanny lumberjack

It speaks of warm firesides, cozy cabins, hard work, fresh fields, and simpler times—and all of those things are in the Natural wheelhouse.

plaid bette 40s

This type only has to wander through L.L. Bean and scoop up her fall wardrobe.

plaid esther jacket

The only caveat for her—be careful to get a nicely fitted shirt, so you don’t look like you snitched it off the fellow in your life.

plaid MM

Her rule of thumb: Can I relax in it?

plaid Kate hill

Plaidly, deeply, passionately

plaid joan crawford

Passionate Beauties know how to make plaid sizzle…

plaid viv vavoom

Start tweaking these menswear icons over and around that bombshell body.

plaid MM pantsElizabeth Taylor was past master at this, from the time she was a fresh-faced ingénue…

plaid liz romper

…to her turn as the world’s most outrageously sexy woman.

plaid liz edithplaid ava bathingsuit

It’s not just about fit, though…

plaid lana

it’s also about inventive ways to show some skin where the plaid isn’t!

plaid jane buffalo

And there’s gotta be a chance to show off those fabulous gams!

plaid ann miller on the townBrigadoony Boho

plaid bacall sensual

Sensual Bohemians have to subvert the iconography of plaids to get their kicks…

plaid jeanette

…and make sure the materials are luxe to the extreme, like rustle-y silk taffeta (by the way, taffeta is THE plaid fabric for the holidays).

plaid lucy

plaid jeanne c cover

…or that there’s simply YARDS and YARDS of it.

plaid ginger

If they could find a plaid fur, they’d be all over it. Or go the opposite route…and make it ridiculously abbreviated!

plaid rita 2

plaid veronica bathing suitA mile-long plaid scarf would be a nice choice for these new-age Isadora Duncans, too. Just keep it casual…nothing too studied.

plaid sophia

Tartans Tailored

Ginger Rogers on Photoplay Magazine

Smartly Tailored gals LOVE plaid because it’s so graphic!

plaid ginger coat 2plaid ann miller

Wise choices are big-scale tartans with white or red backgrounds or crisply colorful, briskly brief jackets like Stanny’s here…

plaid stanny

These snappy colors and patterns add the traditional briskness while cutting the plaid on the bias adds that touch of wit so beloved of this type.

plaid LY coat

And offers up instant drama…

plaid ginger swing time

…and the necessary high contrast…

plaid lucy 2

so admired by these stop-traffic fashionistas.

plaid mo ol sull

And if you can add a hat, more power to you.

plaid frances farmer
plaid lombard pierplaid kate tartan

I‘ve got a new plaid-itude

plaid ava skirt

I could go on…

plaid stanny 30s

but, if you’re like me, you’re itching to stop reading and start burrowing in your closet to unearth any scrap of plaid you own and figure out just what you’ll be doing to trot it out next week.

plaid cyd

Whether it’s a classic tartan scarf wrapped around your neck, a houndstooth coat of epic proportions or a wildly abstracted plaid wiggle skirt, now’s the time!

plaid lucy snow

From Autumn’s first golden leaf and the evergreen’s snowy boughs; this time of year is plaid’s maddest, most marvelous moment.

plaid model

If you can’t find plaid gems like these, break out the pincushion and the Singer!

plaid charm

Time’s a wasting, lassie! Get your clan on!

plaid lana tree