Hola, amigos! Hollywood’s Hispanic Heritage Blogathon


Hispanics in Hollywood have left a deep imprint on the movies.  Whether by way of stereotypical depictions that range from the Latin lover to the subservient housemaid or via the talents of ambassadors like Carmen Miranda and Xavier Cugat, Hollywood’s Hispanic Heritage is rich and deserving of celebration.

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In that vein and to coincide with Hispanic Heritage Month which begins today (Sept 15 – Oct 15), co-hosts Kay (@KayStarStyle) of Movie Star Makeover and Aurora (@CitizenScreen) of Once Upon a Screen launch the Hollywood’s Hispanic Heritage Blogathon.


Kay and Aurora invite fellow film bloggers to share posts celebrating Hispanic heritage in Hollywood by discussing actors or filmmakers (like Rita Hayworth, Cesar Romero, and Desi Arnaz) and films (like MEXICAN SPITFIRE, FIESTA, ZORRO or HOLIDAY IN MEXICO) that celebrate, depict or examine aspects of Hispanic culture.


Or, you may also choose to discuss the treatment of a Hispanic Hollywood player or players in general on screen or behind the scenes. The possibilities are endless.

3-carmenWhile this blogathon’s focus is primarily “classic” Hollywood cinema, we recognize the impact Hispanics are making in films today so if you’re burning to write about a contemporary Latin American actor, filmmaker or film, that’s fine, too.

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Ditto if you wish to examine the legacy of Mexican or Spanish cinema and the like. We maintain a good neighbor policy!


Hollywood’s Hispanic Heritage Blogathon will run October 11-12 (Sat-Sun), so please submit your posts by October 9-10, to ensure we’ve got time to get things organized and prettied up.


Casa-keeping notes:

No need to yell “dibs!”–multiple posts about the same actor, film or subject are welcome. We love various riffs on the same melody, don’t you?

Please provide us with your blog title, twitter tag, and contact info so we’ll have that all ready to promote your participation in the blogathon.

Si! to archived posts or double-dipping (using your post here and on other outlets) -  but please include links to the blogathon host pages.

Please include one of our festive banners on your blog post to help promote the blogathon and for instant cool factor.

6-cantinflasBienvenidos y gracias, amigos! 


Participants & Topics (thus far)

Theresa Brown on Once Upon a Screen – BORDER INCIDENT (1949)

Backlots – Rita Hayworth

Outspoken and Freckled – VOLVER (2006)

Bunnybun’s Classic Movie Blog – Latina in ARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)

Citizen Screenings – CANTINFLAS (2014)

Silver Screenings – IN CALIENTE (1935)

Wide Screen World – Ricardo Montalban

A Shroud of Thoughts – The MEXICAN SPITFIRE movies

Caftan Woman – Tito Guizar in ON THE OLD SPANISH TRAIL (1947)

The Vintage Cameo – Katy Jurado

The Vintage Cameo – Carmen Miranda

Phantom Empires – The Cisco Kid IN OLD ARIZONA (1929)

Joel’s Classic Film Passion – Anthony Quinn

Bunnybun’s Classic Movie Blog – Hollywood Latinas Before Rita Moreno (video)

Once Upon a Screen – Lupita Tovar in SANTA (1931)

Moon in Gemini – Emilio “El Indio” Fernandez

Critica Retro – Douglas Fairbanks as Zorro

Movie Star Makeover–South-of-the-Border Style for Forties Senoritas